July 21, 2009

Learning Chinese vocabulary with the Pocket PC

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On my 20-minute bus ride, I like to learn vocabulary. I have been using Anki for some time. The problem is, the Pocket PC version is not that great. I’ve not been able to get the Chinese characters show up and I had some other problems as well.

I’m glad I came across FullRecall recently. Like Anki, FullRecall is a spaced repetition system (SRS). There is also a PC version and even an online version. You can enter new vocab on the Pocket PC, but I prefer doing that on the PC, as I’m quicker this way. What I like about the PC version is that you get a new motivating quote every time you start the program. This is just a nice detail.

Installing FullRecall onto the Pocket PC was easy. To make the Chinese characters appear I just had to copy the file ZYSong.ttf into Windows/Fonts. I got ZYSong.ttf from the Pleco folder (Pleco is a great Chinese dictionary for the Pocket PC).

What I also like about FullRecall is the button “Force reviews”. If I run out of scheduled reviews, I just click on that button.



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