July 21, 2009

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Mloovi RSS Blog Translator

A web service that will translate RSS feeds from one language to another, very useful, the translations may not be perfect but can help you select good articles for study purposes. I have tested with Mandarin to English.

the ultimate website translator – Clearspring

The Widget Network for building, deploying, monetizing and tracking widgets on the internet.

Watch to Learn Chinese

Nothing but free videos to help you speak Mandarin. A view on Chinese learning videos posted to youtube often with commentry.

Adso |learn chinese|learn mandarin|chinese dictionary|chinese translation|chinese dictionary|chinese

Adsotrans online Chinese dictionary, annotator and machine translation engine. Learn Chinese with open source technology and social translation support.

Chinese Voices Project

A free collection of short, easy Chinese stories with MP3 audio for students of Chinese

Super Memory

This website will help you increase the speed of learning

Learn Chinese from Movies

Unique simultaneous Chinese-Pinyin-English subtitles embedded on Chinese movies. Download mp4s on to your iPOD and PSP.

搜索汉英词典 Chinese English Dictionary Search — 听 Ting

搜索词典-词句-英语发音者 Search Mandarin Chinese and English dictionary and listen to native speakers; search for example sentences in the dictionary; play games; use flash cards and review sheets to study; save your work to your account. To see Chinese characters, use a Chinese system or in your browser, …

Google Translation Center: The World’s Largest Translation Memory – GigaOM

A Singing Syllabary —

A table of mandarin sounds initials and finals etc. Has videos and sounds and some very useful games to learn and practice the sounds and tones. WARNING it is not user friendly but it is incredibly useful.

On-line Chinese Tools

Java and CGI tools to help people learn and use Chinese


从平凡的工作中创造出不平凡的价值 Many of these Chinese articles have links to original English language versions

New study may revolutionize language learning

The teaching of languages could be revolutionised following ground-breaking research by Victoria University, New Zealand, PhD graduate Paul Sulzberger. Dr Sulzberger has found that the best way to learn a language is through frequent exposure to its sound patterns–even if you haven’t a clue …

Learn Chinese with ChineseLingQ

A simple dialogue which takes place in a restaurant. Part 10 of 10 episodes. It is a good idea to listen many times to each part. This story is available in other languages at LingQ. You can use these versions to provide a direct translation. Difficulty: BeginnerCategory: Basic ChineseDuration:

Hear and learn useful expressions – MP3 to download

Discover, hear and learn useful expressions in Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Estonian, Spanish

The Dictionary | ChinesePod Labs

An open-source Chinese dictionary linked to practical examples, audio files and study tools. Because the url changed I have linked straight through to the glossary on Chinespod (powered by the dictionary under the hood). There are other tools and resources available here also.

Learn Chinese with ZDT

Java Chinese learning tool, based on the Eclipse platform, provides dictionary, flashcard and animation functionality, plus more.

Ellen’s podcast

I hope the stuff I make here can help some people who are learning and going to learn Mandarin Chinese. I would appreciate your help if you could point out my wrong usage of English. Also I hope someone can send me English stories for kids(together with sound would be better) because my son and …

Discover China, learn Chinese –

Everything about modern and traditional China, travel, study, news, business, Chinese learning material, tools and resources, forum and language exchange club.

CSLPod (Chinese as a Second Language Podcast) 汉语第二语言播客社区(Learn Chinese)

Chinese produced learning Mandarin podcast with various different levels and transcripts.

陈安:中国人学习做世界强国的公民 (An Chen: Chinese People Learning to Become Citizens of a World Power)

独家专稿/新加坡中国留学生总会五月二日邀请新加坡国立大学政治系陈安教授就当前形势发表演讲。为让更多人了解演讲内容,我们征得教授本人同意,全文发表他的演讲。陈教授系前中国社会科学院国际问题学者,美国耶鲁大学政治学博士,一九九五年起在新加坡国立大学任教。   This is a transcript of a talk given by An Chen, prof. of political science at National University of Singapore on May 2, 2008 on the relevant China issues of the …

Chinese Learn Online – Progressive Mandarin Course

podcast audio files with related teaching content on website

Authentic Chinese Proverbs and other interesting Chinese expressions with annotated English translations.(Some are paired with a corresponding Englished proverb.)

Chinese proverbs and other interesting expressions complete with annotated English translations. Chinese metaphors

Sinosplice: Try to understand China. Learn Chinese.

Sinosplice: Try to understand China. Learn Chinese. Created by John Pasden. Blog and various Chinese related resources – Learn Chinese with Experts, Whenever and Wherever – Home – Learn Chinese with Professional. We will broadcast Chinese podcast regularly; we also provide private lesson or small group lesson as on demand. We hope here will become your premier place to learn Chinese and Chinese culture.


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