August 2, 2009

Book in Hand- Lao wai chinese

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I’m happy to announce that I’ve actually got a copy of my own book now.  The box from the publisher arrived a few days ago with 12 běn for me.  (Now there’s an indication of how excited I am: going out of my way to use a measure word–sheesh!)

This will most likely serve as my final communication to the book updates news letter, for a while at least.

But there are a few final bits and pieces to tell you about:

1. If anyone in China who ordered the book via Amazon actually receives it (and I have no doubt you will), would you please let me know how long it took to get here from the shipping date?  I’m curious about that.

2. The publisher has told me the most helpful thing anyone can do (besides actually buying the book) is to write a review on Amazon.  Apparently, those are the real currency of online book sales (whatever that means).  If anyone who has the book finds it useful, would you consider typing out a few kind words and clicking a few golden stars here?  You have to register an account with Amazon, but that’s pretty easy to do.   I’ve also added a “Write your own review” button to the sidebar for easy findability later.

3. If you’d like to see the “audio companion site” for my book, it’s here.  The MP3s are all free, but you’ll need to get the book to see the transcript and translation (and sometimes the excuse) for what’s being said.  Doing it this way saved us from having to press CDs and shrinkwrap them with the book.

4. Last and certainly least: because of peer pressure from MDBG, I’ve created a Facebook page for my book.  I have no idea what that means or what it’s for, but I have a feeling that someday I could post book-related news on there as well as here.  If anyone can explain what in the world a Facebook page is good for, I’m all ears?

Thanks again to everyone for the support during this process.  It finally feels like this project is over.  Now I can get back to work on those 45 draft posts that have been glaring at me for so many months.

Đa dạng hóa ngoại tệ trong TTQT

Đa dạng hóa đồng tiền trong thanh toán quốc tế

Có lẽ nói hơi quá, nhưng chuyện thanh toán bằng USD ở VN thì quả là nhiều thật …

Định hướng thanh toán bằng ngoại tệ khác – Bài của TBKTSG

Nói chung đẳng cấp là đẳng cấp, không giống mấy bài nhảm nhí đăng trên một số tờ lá cải.

Bà con vẫn lách, biết làm sao, là do cái tỷ giá liên ngân hàng ấy

NH thừa USd tiền gửi, thiếu USD thanh toán … chuyện dài nhiều tập

Nút thắt tỷ giá


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