August 2, 2009

Computer Aids

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Computer Aids

Friday May 1, 2009

Computers give us lots of useful tools for learning Mandarin Chinese. We can watch animated characters for stroke order, watch videos and listen to audio files for pronunciation practice, and write Chinese characters using a Pinyin input method.

The written language is the hardest part of learning Mandarin, but computers allow anyone with a basic knowledge of Pinyin can produce Chinese characters. Whether they are the correct characters is another matter. There might be dozens of candidates for any given Pinyin spelling, so a good knowledge of characters is the only way to be accurate.

Fortunately, there are good study aids for gaining an understanding of Chinese characters. A very useful tool is Hanzi Master, software which shows the relationships between Chinese characters. Hanzi Master allows to see which characters share the same radical or pronunciation, and lists compounds which have common characters.

Hanzi Master is very interesting and illuminating. By seeing how various characters relate to each other, we are better able to recognize their elements and classify them, useful for memorization and recall.


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