August 4, 2009

A review of Chinese 24/7

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The book “Chinese 24/7″ is written by Albert Wolfe. He is also the author of the blog

I wish this book had already existed before I came to China. It has tons of helpful tips for people just starting to learn Chinese. It is in many ways also useful for people who have already lived for a few months in China. What I like about this book is that it is extremely practical. You find a lot of vocabulary in it that one can use straight away. The vocabulary and gramar section are ordered quite logical and the layout is done nicely too.

The tips are more about Chinese usage for day-to-day life. As I am studying Chinese in China, I’m glad to have this collection of vocabulary which is sometimes difficult to find in my University textbook. As Albert comes from the practical side, you will not find any tips about how to study Chinese at University. He also writes that he would only start with learning to read and write Chinese characters after a year of living in China. In my case, this isn’t possible as teachers expect you to learn how to write the words at the same time as you learn to say them. I’m actually quite glad for this, as I don’t want to remain illiterate.

However, even though the author is not a linguist, I think he did a good job. Thank you Albert!


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